Serbian Biomarker Symposium


14 Sessions

Three day walk through.

Nutrition Biomarkers for

Disease Prevention


Session 3

Macronutrients and


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Session 7

Micronutrients (vitamins) and health

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Session 11


(macrominerals and microminerals)

and health

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Session 4

Macronutrients and

health for the aged

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Session 8

“Omics” era and nutrition

Day Two ›

Session 12

The gut microbiota and

metabolomics in human gut

microbiota research

Day Three ›

Session 13


nutrition in a pill?

Day Three ›

Session 14

SERBIS breakthrough:

unravelling taboos

Day Three ›

Session 2

Macronutrients and

cardiovascular disease

Day One ›

Session 6

Nutrition and

infertility, fertility, pregnancy:

is there a connection?

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Session 10

Obesity: the greatest epidemic

of the 21st century?

Day Two ›

Session 1

Optimal nutrition and health

Day One ›

Session 5

Nutrition and risk of cancer

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Session 9

Biomarkers and liver disease:

recent insights and current challenges

Day Two ›

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