About SCLM.



Serbian Society for Clinical Laboratory Medicine and Science (SCLM) was formed to advance the laboratory medicine practice and science in Serbia, fulfilling the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients’ needs. Serbia needed this kind of society for a long time. Different professionals involved in laboratory medicine field in Serbia belonged to different societies according to their basic university education or postgraduate specialization.


The basic idea of forming SCLM is the gathering and association of all health professionals from diverse backgrounds in Serbia, from public or private sector involved in laboratory medicine field: masters of pharmacy-medical biochemists, pharmacists and medicine doctors specialists in medical/clinical biochemistry, medicine doctors specialists in microbiology, transfusion, histopathology, molecular biologists, biologists, chemists, as well as those involved in scientific or in basic research with the aim of translating research into clinical practice.


For the first time in Serbia, they got an opportunity to network, collaborate, and connect in one joint association, ready to respond to contemporary trends.


SCLM was established in May 2018, and now it has more than 500 members. The members of our executive Board are well recognized healthcare professionals and scientists with serious experience in different national and international societies.


Within the next few years, SCLM plans to engage a broader community, to extend its network with laboratories and lab professionals, healthcare professionals, researchers, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, the politics and the public. Also, it will improve cooperation with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Public Health Institutes, Academic institutions, Chambers of health workers, professional and scientific associations of the relevant activities in the country.


SCLM will continuously promote principles and codes of the profession, giving professional, advisory and educational support to clinical laboratories and sup- porting quality improvement in laboratory medicine in Serbia.


The goal of this society is to motivate all members to present national interests of the profession, inform the domestic and international professional public with the situation in the profession, to be involved and to be heard.


SCLM would also like to work to increase its visibility trough interregional cooperation. The key focus is to encourage more engagement with other national societies or groups and to encourage SCLM members to be more proactive in the IFCC’s activities. SCLM will actively support the relations between profession- al medical associations and the healthcare industry, concerning scientific communication and continuing medical education.


Providing key resources and interactive information for full members and end user groups could be of great importance. SCLM likes to contribute in strengthening the relationships with healthcare professionals, nurses/technicians, representatives of patient societies, etc. And SCLM will also try to develop more partnerships with global non-profit organizations, government, and community leaders to participate in our programs. SCLM’s special focus are young people. It is devoted to intrigue, attract and motivate young talents, laboratory professionals and researchers for IFCC networking activities.


SCLM's main mission is education. Every year SCLM organizes international symposium SERBIS (Serbian Biomarker Symposium), and international conference CLAQ (Conference on Medical Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Systems), and continuous medical education seminars, roundtable discussions, etc.


Also, SCLM is an active supporter of and participant at IFCC events and meetings.

SCLM as new wave society is honored to be named as affiliate member of IFCC and will contribute to the continuous success of the IFCC.


By Sanja Stankovic

SCLM President




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